Wednesday, April 16, 2008


...if you haven't heard of her, and even tho she's
old enough to be your mum,
had it all, shoulder pads, camel toe
and the same name as He-Mans girlfriend...

...she even wrote songs about The Met
(that's what the train system was called in the 80s kids)

...gotta love the the Solid Gold Dancers.

She even had, a mad duet with The King Of the (silver) Beard, the big K Dawg,
I speak of course of the one and only Kenny (Kenzo) Rogers....

*if you listen closely to her Scottish brogue I'm pretty sure
she ask's Big Ken for a root in the intro banter...

Hot... and you know they went back stage and made the "sweaty two backed monster"
after that performance for sure...

Now go study up, u can find best of cd's by either of these two in the $2.99 bin at JB.

1 comment:

Miglet said...

He-Man's girlfriend was She-Ra.

And no, it's not "close enough".