Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Speaking of which...

While trolling the intorweb for more dardy pictures of Rivers Cuomo,
I came across the Troublemaker video.
I think he may have actually lost the plot.
But Weezer's video clips are always the best.
They made one at the Playboy Mansion,
and one with the Muppets.
’Nuff said.
Check out Troublemaker here.



Hayley said...

And the one where they're on the Happy Days set. Yay!

digsy said...

is that krakha in the black cowboy hat? it reminds me of the time he used to sing in the skatt brothers. check out the "life at the outpost" video he appears in.

krakha said...

yes darren that is I.

digsy said...

it's amazing you have time to post anything krakha. don't you have an exhibition opening to go to or something? get your arse back here - we need a run machine.