Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We have a daily work email quiz here at my place of employment.
Some days I can actually feel myself getting dumber as I read it.
I got stuck on question 4 today....

Q4. Art & Literature: Who sculptered the now famous statue: "Michaelangelo's David"?

If you know the answer plz leave it in the comments section.
Or if you need an employee, contact me.
(I don't take cigarette breaks and I'm willing to share my sandwiches)

ps. also note the spelling of Michelangelo.



Assorted Goods said...

It's a trick question..

Michelangelo sculptured the David statue.

krakha said...

Oh lordy.

No trick, it's just retarded.

Would you like a job here?


Assorted Goods said...

Haha, do I have to do stuff?



Miglet said...

I am still the unofficial all-time champion of the work quiz for being the only person who knew what the little things on the end of shoelaces are called.

Screw history, literature, art, sports, etc, tell me that's gonna get me anywhere in life!

digsy said...

don't worry about that, who's got his cock?