Friday, May 8, 2009


Some may recall the post about The Lennon Peace Wall
that I painted on when I was in Prague, last November?
Anyway a loverly lass named Molly left a comment
on that post saying that she was heading to Prague and
would send me an updated photo of what I painted...
So, thanks very much Molly.

Hear 'tis...

NOV '08

DEC '08


APR '09
Steady decay... (a couple of the pics were stolen off flikr also)

Anyway, Molly runs a jewlery co called Vividot.
Vivi Dot is a San Francisco based line that offers hand made button accessories,
hair accessories, earrings and heaps more pretty thangs for the ladies.

Photobucket Photobucket

Check the Vividot site HERE.
Check the Vividot blog HERE.
More Vividot flicks on Flikr HERE.


Assorted Goods said...

I'm heading there for a night on wednesday. Where is the wall?

krakha said...

in the middle of prague....
the actual addy is...

Velkopřevorské náměstí
118 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic

Google and google maps will guide you there.

also visit Graff Neck graff shop at

Veverkova 10
170 00 Prague

No records, no tee's, ALL GRAFF. awesome shop.
ask the guys in the shop for the directions to the Wall of Fame. It's under the intersection of Wilsonova and Hlavkuvmost and Klimentska, just over the river in front of a government building.

Assorted Goods said...

Will do, cheers mate!

Molly said...

Hey thanks for mentioning and linking to Vivi Dot too!

Hayley said...

Ahhh Molly! She's the greatest!