Monday, September 7, 2009




digsy said...

considering your provocotive texts on the weekend, i thought you were against all things black and white.

smb gfy wuty uya

krakha said...

...these are black and white winners. that's the difference. wuty.

digsy said...

winner #1 blow up a city with a radioactive bomb when the war was already won

winner #2 overrated song stealing womaniser and his horse like, drug affected chick

winner #3 trying to upskirt preoccupied teens (who look ready to spb)

winner #4 i'm not gunna knock an obvious hero of yours

winner #5 pedo pics

btw yr mouth is warmer though

krakha said...

haha, fyd, fy. They'd all play football better than the cfc. I'll put up some more special b&w winners esp for you 2moro. wuty.