Friday, October 23, 2009

Clash Of the Titans 2009 0n/0ff ?

spotted this over at HURT YOU BAD...
... I know that some of the LA artists are in Melbourne.

**According to HYBSB***
(not Kompound) ;

Clash of the Titans is off
Or so it seems:

“IF YOUR PLANNING ON MAKING A TRIP TO MELBOURNE FOR “CLASH OF THE TITANS” -DONT. i tried to save it… but the ship has sunk”
“My apologies to everyone out there. I tried to save it, but honestly I’d rather delay it and re-group than go forward and do it half-assed.”

...dont know who's quote this is, or if it's true.
MegaRampage, that Clash Of The Titans was originally linked to, has been cancelled,
some music acts excluded, and re-packaged.

And I have heard that the $20K was no longer on offer, but it's not about the money.

I hope that the two are being confused...

Let me know if you can clear this one up.

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