Tuesday, July 27, 2010



128 pages, A4 landscape hardcover book documenting the life and work of John Entwistle,
a Melbourne tattooer since the early 1960s.


"There has been many publications on tattooing history, but none of which have documented the rich and extensive history of this industry in Australia. For a country so geographically isolated, we have maintained a tattoo culture uniquely tough, resourceful and creative.

John Entwistle was one of a small but dedicated crew of tattooers who paved the way through four decades to help make tattooing in this country what it is today. John pursued this career regardless of mainstream acceptance and continued to innovate and succeed on his own terms. To this day, he shrugs off ego and the influence of fashion and humbly pursues his vocation in Richmond. He is many things - a tattooer, an archivist, a manufacturer, a painter, an innovator, a gentleman and an inspiration to the generations of tattooers who have come after him."
(from inkshipbooks.com)
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*Available for sale online and in stores August 2010

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