Friday, July 9, 2010

Penny Completes...1970s


Back in the ’80s, I spent my weekends flying down the
hill of our court on a yellow skateboard not dissimilar
to the above. Never did I think they would re-release
them. But, they have ... in four colours.

Pity there's no yellow.




Here’s the blurb: Penny Completes are an exciting
re-issue of the 1970's style plastic boards. These
completes are so compact they can go anywhere,
even fit inside your back pack. These little beauties
come fully assembled ready to ride packaged in their
own cardboard box, with a special viewing hole to
see what colour is inside.

Plastic injection moulded Deck | The dimensions are 22.5" L x 6" W

3.125" wide Trucks | With a soft 90A yellow cushion

59mm | 78A Urethane soft Wheel


JOSKE the HATER said...

"..These little beauties
come fully assembled ready to ride.."

coz kids these days just don't know how much fun it is to assemble (and customize) their own board.

no yellow? wtf? can't call these re-releases 'banana boards'. bah humbug.

> said...

Definitely yellow in stock>>

Miglet said...

Oh my, how the yellow brings back memories ... even had red wheels. I wonder if I could get someone to push me around on it while I sit on it...? Pretty sure that's the only way I won't fall off these days!!!