Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Handy Work"

So the train I caught this morning was running about 5 minutes late.
I swear I can smell paint as it rolls up to the station, but can see nothing.
I get on and try to grab 10 minutes more sleep.
As we roll into Flinders street the driver announces...

"Due to the handy work at Vic Park station this train will be terminating here at Flinders Street."

I put two and two together and realise that someone must have painted the other (non platform) side of the train.
I walk towards the front of the train and take a pic (the first one below) of the throwie from the inside of the first carriage.
(with my phone)
There's a driver getting out of the cabin and another one approaching. One driver says to the other...
"That's probably one of the clowns that painted it"

I smile at them both.

(yeah, I painted your train. Then got on board. dickhead.)

I take the escalator up, across, and back down to get a look from the other side.
I take the second pic you see below and a guy in a Metro suit comes walking up and says...
"you takin' photos of that train?"
I answer "Yes."
There's a few seconds of silence and I walk off to get my next train.

Interesting start to the day.


Balloons in taking off in the park at the end of the train ride adds to the slightly surreal morning.


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