Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adrian Doyle

"Dope" street artist Adrian Doyle and self proclaimed "King" has been given a shit load of money by Crown Casino to do THIS rather average looking mural. Doyle has been riding this wave for a long time now but I have never seen him do anything at all in the streets, illegal or otherwise.


Krakha said...

I like the way he thinks that if no one who knows anything about street art or graffiti likes it, he's been successful. What a fucken idiot. This will be trashed pretty quickly I'd think, just because it has the dickheaded Mayors "approval" and because Adrian is such a no-body in both the graff and street art worlds.

Miglet said...

This article was rubbish!
Doyle = Douche, both of them!!

caz said...

Two words

Asperger (obvious)

Genius (obsessive)

Another thing...
Every artist is a ""nobody""
before they become a ""somebody""
i admire his spunky positive outlook that has got him known.

MOPS said...

possibly... def on another planet and not in a good way. that doco was a car crash though. I dont care enough to comment any further.