Friday, August 17, 2012

RRR 102.7FM Radiothon 2012

Melbourne community radio station Triple R started its 2012
radiothon today, Answer The Call. Subscribe and help keep them on air...

This from RRR Station Manager;

Community Radio gives a voice to passionate and talented people without asking them to compromise what they say or play for commercial objectives. Community radio stations survive as a result of goodwill. The people who broadcast on community radio give their time as volunteers. The people who fund community radio, pay an annual subscription for a service they could otherwise receive for free. Why? I think one good reason is credibility. You don’t have to wonder why a community broadcaster is playing a track or sharing an opinion, you can believe that at the very least they believe in what they are saying or playing. At it’s best, community radio provides a voice to people who inspire and who introduce us to enlightening opinion and music that is under-represented in the mainstream because no one is going to pay them or a station to say it or play it. Every dollar community radio subscribers pay goes to a not for profit organisation that exists for the sole purpose of facilitating those volunteers, to provide that radio service, to serve that community of listeners - and on and on it goes.

Well said sir.


There's a great list of prizes to be won if you subscribing during the Radiothon,
Check em out HERE. As well as the ridiculous amounts of free CDs, tickets & passes, BBQ day, Live to air gigs, com. cup footy match, shop discounts, the list goes on... that they hand out exclusively to subscribers year-round. Above all you get to be part of something that is true and pure. A rare thing these days.

Click the flyer to visit RRR and to stream it live (if you're not local)

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