Thursday, January 17, 2013

WEEZER @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl

I went to the Music Bowl in Melbourne last night to catch Weezer.
(as a punter, not to take photos, hence only 2 average shots)
They did a greatest hits set followed by a interval, slide show (narrated by, *correction, their roadie) then a second set that was 'the blue album' from start to finish.

I only really got into 'the blue album' and 'pinkerton', so the only songs that I knew were the three bigger hits of the first set, 'Island in the sun', 'hash pipe' and 'el scorcho'. Its been over 15 years since they were last in australia and the crowd of late twenties and thirty somethings (and thats being generous) perhaps would have been better served if they had visited 10 years ago.
That said, most of my friends who were there think it was an amazing gig, and it did have moments of brilliance. Say it ain't so was the stand out track with the crowd singing louder than the band. I don't know anything about playing a guitar but Rivers seems to know how to give it a bit. Don't get me wrong, it was a great performance and I'm glad that I've finally seen Weezer. I'd like to seem them again at a smaller indoor venue (like the Palais tonight, perhaps) but I'm guessing that, from the vibe of the interval, next time I see them it might not be on australian shores.
It was a really a just a self confessed 'memories' gig, they were good but not great (in my opinion) but I guess it depends what you're looking for and what you expect. If you're thinking about going tonight, and are a fan, I would say get involved.

Some more pics by Carbie over at TONE DEAF

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Anonymous said...

It was their roadie that narrated the interval.