Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Seem to have some technical problems....

Apparently I've exceeded my Bandwidth blah blah blah.
So now Photobucket wants me to pay US$39.95 for a year worth of Pro Account.
I could do that.


I could go elsewhere.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By mopcee

Fuck photobucket.

(p.s I've also changed my setting to only show 3 days worth of posts on a page, so keep up)


Aeon said...

You don't need to create a profile.
I just upload pics from it and I've never had a prob.

krakha said...

You use Imageshack don't u?
Problem is solved now. All the old pics have been blocked, but I don't care.

here's PB defintion of Bandwidth...

Bandwidth is used when digital content is viewed from a link you have posted on another website or in an email (e.g. MySpace, eBay, message boards, etc.). Bandwidth is a measure of the number of bytes passed over time via direct linking. It is calculated by adding up the size of each of your images or videos as they are sent from Photobucket. The 'Monthly Bandwidth' number is the amount of bandwidth you have used within the last month. The month is determined by the day of the month you registered your account.

Bandwidth usage is unmetered for Pro accounts, however Photobucket reserves the right to disable direct linking on accounts that are using excessive bandwidth or otherwise abusing the system. The current usage number for Pro accounts is displayed in your Account Options just to give an idea of your current usage level. Free accounts are allowed 25 GB of bandwidth per month. This is hundreds of thousands of images viewed via direct links and resets each month on the day you registered.

Brad said...

If that was all beer boxess rather than the few vegie boxes scattered through, I'd assume that was your weekly rubbish pile.

krakha said...
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