Thursday, March 12, 2009


ECSR front man, and gloved-wonder, Brendan has his
fourth solo art show showing at Hell Gallery in Richmond.

Brendan Huntley
March 7 – March 28, 2009

According to another blog....

Working primarily with ink, pastel, paper and ceramics, Brendan probes the smokescreen of appearance by suggesting the existence of multiple personalities. For Only Human, Brendan has produced an assortment of upside down jugs, teacups, gravy boats, dinner glasses and other homely vessels, infusing them with lifelike sensibilities. By twisting the traditional techniques of ceramic sculpture, Brendan explores our joys, fears, thoughts and observations of life. Questioning what it is to be human by exploring what it is to be non-human.

According to this blog....
A large percentage of the pieces have sold already.
It's still well worth a look and/or a possible purchase though.

ECSR are also xtra rad and have a gig at The Espy this Saturday night.

Brendan also does some very tidy work with The Serps.
And now to the video....

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digsy said...

thought i would've seen you there on friday krakha. could it be this is the first opening of anything you have missed since 2004?